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Professional Liability Insurance

NCSSMA encourages you to consider purchasing liability insurance to protect yourself in the event that you are accused of misconduct or wrongdoing in the course of your job as a member of SSA management.  The attached message addressed the following concerning this important topic:


  • ​What is professional liability insurance and what does it cover?
  • Why should I sign up for professional liability insurance?
  • Why don't all SSA managers sign up for professional liability insurance?
  • Where do you recommend that I purchase professional liability insurance?


Various companies provide professional liability insurance and we encourage you to investigate them and make your own choice.  Many NCSSMA members have found that Federal Employee Defense Service (FEDS) provides excellent value, coverage and service for professional liability insurance.  Please see "A Message from FEDS Protection's President" for additional information.  NCSSMA members receive a $10 discount off the FEDS premium.  Enter code "NCSSMA" in the Discount Code Section. 

All federal managers are entitled to reimbursement for half of the premium and administrative costs of professional liability insurance.  Complete a SSA-1060 form and provide it to your supervisor with documentation for this purpose.  Your net cost of $1 million of professional liability coverage is about $130 a year.  Considering the importance of your career and the value of peace of mind, we believe the cost of purchasing this insurance is well worth the investment.


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