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RO Employee of the Year 
We in the field rely heavily on the support and hard work of the specialists, team leaders, project managers and executives in the Boston regional office.  These folks are the unsung heroes who provide critical information and help us solve problems.  Many of us know them as a welcome voice on the phone when we call with a difficult question.  Over the years NESSMA has tried to take note of the tremendous effort the RO staff has made by annually naming an RO employee of the year.  
                                                                                                                         2007           LMR TEAM
                                                                                 2008           Denise Cole
                                                                                 2009           Steve Delosh
                                                                                 2010           Jay Nunes
                                                                                 2011           Carole Termine
                                                                                 2012           Rich Fisher
                                                                                 2013           John Donovan
                                                                                 2014           Ed Mustafaraj
                                                                                 2015           Amanda Blake
                                                                                 2016           Jay Nunes
                                                                                 2017           Peter Myer
                                                                                 2018           Carole Termine
                                                                                 2019           Edward Mustafaraj