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Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia

Welcome to the PRMA SharePoint site.  We are an organization of field and teleservice center management in the Philadelphia Region operating as a group to enhance and improve the overall operation of Social Security Administration (SSA) programs.  Recognized by SSA as one of the important lines of communications within the agency, we serve all management personnel within the Philadelphia Region in conveying constructive ideas and comments on proposed changes to the Regional and Central Offices.  

We are a member of the National Council of Social Security Management Associations (NCSSMA).  NCSSMA has retained a firm to provide us with professional representation on legislative matters having an impact on our members.  The firm has extensive contacts in Congress and provides our members with legislative reports.  You may access other information on NCSSMA’s national website.

Executive Council

Nicholas (Nick) Tichnell​, DM
​Wheeling, WV
​First Vice President
Lak Sphabmixay, DM
Scranton, PA
​Second Vice President
​Steven Clapp, BATSC Unit Supervisor
Baltimore, MD
Beth Blank, DM
Lewes, DE
Adrienne Fullwood, OS
​Philadelphia (University City), PA 

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