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NCSSMA Workgroup Roster

Telework Training Refresh (TTR) Workgroup

​Jaclyn Pratt, NESSMA

Burlingon, VT


DCO Telework Group 

Justin Groshon, NESSMA President

Saco, ME



Diversity and Inclusion Council

Tanya Shepherd, NRYMS

Raleigh, NC

Quality Workgroup

Sarah Arnold, SFRMA

Bakersfield, CA 


N88 Steering Committee

Dorrie Pedalino, NYRMS

Neptune, NJ


National eServices Advisory Council (NeAC) 

Claude Murdy, NESSMA

New Britian, CT







NCSSMA-AFGE Acknowledgement & Appreciation Workgroup

Valerie Fisher, NYRMS

Neptune, NJ

National FEVS Workgroup

Employee Development/Work Life

Carla Martin, NESSMA 

Hartford, CT


National FEVS Workgroup

Effective Leadership

Avis Smothers, DRMA

Brehham, TX 

 ​National FEVS Workgroup


Shanna Hardin, KCMA

Omaha, NE





Work CDR Data Analysis Workgroup

Sarah Arnold, SFRMA

Bakersfield, CA


Manager's Discussion Board Improvements Workgroup

Lisa Chrabolowski, NESSMA

Jody Franke, KCMA 

Karla Montemayor,  SFRMA

Kevin Pruitt 


FY 2017 Operations Management Training Workgroup

Managing Conflict

Mona Harter, CSSMA ​

Sherita Deal​​, PRMA

Managing Relationships

Yannie Torres, NYRMS 




​ ​